Sanjiv Gurram
Chief Strategist & Head of Research

Sanjiv Gurram is the founder and Chief Strategist at EMC.

Starting his life in restaurants at the age of 8, he quickly became a serial entrepreneur gaining over 15 years of business, marketing and branding experience in his 30 years. 

Sanjiv has worked with both large billion dollar corporations, government organisations, as well as SME's where the goal is to increase profits by 45-60% in 60 to 90 days.

Sanjiv is well known for bringing his entrepreneurial zeal and creativity backed by a solid foundation of marketing experience to every new project or challenge.

Sanjiv is also a highly regarded international speaker and author, having trained hundreds of people around the world how to brand and market their businesses for maximum profit. 

Starting online as a well respected copywriter at the tender age of 17, Sanjiv quickly saw the potential of the Internet and was ghost writing for some of the biggest names in the industry within a matter of months.

Sanjiv then started a Marketing Consultancy Firm in 2005, and grew to create massive results for multiple clients. By over looking the sales and marketing processes for just one national client, and implementing proven marketing strategies Sanjiv was able to generate over $1 Million of extra business in 8 weeks. 

Following a successful transfer of the business in 2010, Sanjiv wanted to focus on helping businesses utlise the power of proven strategies to maximise profits.

EMC has experienced rapid growth over the last 7 years, now with an experienced team of over 50 staff including research teams, marketing teams and graphic teams.

While many business owners say that they want consistent results from their marketing efforts, they’re often not clear on what strategies to use to grow their business, or how to implement them.

To produce maximum profits in today's world you need to understand how to align your business with the cutting edge strategies to propel your business faster and smarter.

Sanjiv loves to show people how to implement these changes to produce maximum results.

Within 30 minutes you’ll see the value of his proven strategic systems.

Systems which will allow you to attract your business's target market and convert them into paying customers - resulting in a mountain profits for your business.

Call Enliven Media Now on (07) 3040 0820, and book in your profit discovery session to find out if and how you're possibly leaving thousands of dollars on the table with your existing clients.

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